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Sandra Campas St-Jean :
sandraBorn in Dax in 1975, Sandra Campas St-Jean begins the piano at the age of 5. At the end of her studies in 1998 (License of Literature), she makes her debuts in French song beside Didier Dulieux (D.Labbé quartet) as well as in the group Alter n’ Co.
Next year, she co-writes ” Maria Dolores y los Crucificados “, a musico-theatrical creation in(“à la Almodovar”) Almodovar,  which knew from the beginning a deep  success and with which she continues to appear, singing and acting still today. In parallel, she discovers jazz and enters to the school “ Music Halle ”of Toulouse in 2004. Between 2002 and 2006, after an artistic collaboration as Slovakia, Sandra arranges and sings the musics of the gypsy group Laitchik then the gypsy sextet ” Loli Pabaï “. Since 2008, she perfects her vocal technique with Michelle Zini and Magali Pietri and works with several creation projects.

Nicolas Algans :
nicolasBorn in Toulouse in 1983, Nicolas Algans begins the trumpet at the age of 8 in the EIML of Lauragais and obtains his prize in music theory and instrument there, then he enters to the National Music Academy of Toulouse in 1999. He obtains his golden medal in the department “Jazz and Musiques actuelles” as well as his last degree diploma  there from classical music at the sides of José Fillatreau and Jacques Adamo.
Besides, he follows Master Classes with F. Théberge, P. de Bethmann, P. Giron and S. Foucher to the National Music Academy of Montpellier from 2005 till 2007.
Finally, in 2008, he continues to perfect his experiment with Serge Lazarévitch to the National Music Academy of Perpignan. Nicolas Algans distinguished himself during several concerts by playing in big bands with Hermeto Pascoal or Eddy Palmieri, but also with Philippe Laudet, Philippe Léogé or still Ton-Ton Salut. Besides, he recorded an album and participated from 2005 till 2006 in Benoît Morel’s tour.
Since 2007, he is an art director of the gypsy sextet ” Loli Pabaï ” and is a member of the jazz quartet ” Blank Minds ” (Prize of the best jazz band in the jazz festival to Oloron-64).

Illyes Ferfera :
illyesBorn in Algiers in 1987, he was 8 years old when he begins to play music during his arrival in France. In 2004, he joins a class of jazz in Mont de Marsan supervised by Jacky Berecochéa, then the CNR of Toulouse in 2008. He obtains his DEM jazz in 2008 and a university degree in musicology to the french university of Mirail.
In 2005, he participates in ” Infinity orchestra “, a project gathering musicians came from all Europe, managed by the group Ethnic Heritage Ensemble of Chicago. He records an album in 2006 in association with Night music Distribution. He meets during his training several musicians of international fame such as Kenny Garrett or Dee Dee Bridgewater.
He participates since 2008 in many musical projects in jazz, ethnic music  and afro beat: Cool Jazzy big band, Culinaro Big band, Blank mind, Kiss me Yuri, Saouya, Zingabé, Zhilom Quartet

Guillaume Gendre :
guillaumeBorn in 1983, Guillaume begins access the bass in self-taught then, after some private trainings, decides to deepen his knowledge to the school Music Halle of Toulouse. Three years of studies during which he discovers diverse styles and especially his future instrument, the double bass, which is quite naturally going to bring him to the music Jazz. Since, he is a pupil of the National Academy of Perpignan in the department Jazz supervised by Serge Lazarévitch.
His talent makes of him an inescapable musician of the Toulousian scene by playing beside ‘ Abdu Salim, Ton-Ton Salut, Jean-Denis Rivaleau, Richard Ben or still André Sutre.


Mickael Le Van :
mickaelBorn in Castres in 1983, Mickael begins the classic guitar at the age of 12. Quickly, he discovers the electric guitar and Rock ‘n’ Roll.
After obtaining License of Economy, he plays in diverse music trainings. He discovers the Jazz gypsy thanks to Christophe Lartilleux and changes university route in registering on the University of Musicologie of Toulouse of where he goes out with a second License. Since, he entered departments Jazz of the National Music academies of Toulouse and Perpignan.  He also follows the workshops of Michael Felberbaum, Nguyen Lê, Guillaume de Chassy, Paul Bollenback.


Pierre-Alain Tocanier :
pierre-alainPierre-Alain Tocanier, is born in 1985 in Mont-de-Marsan At eight years old, he enters in municipal school of Roquefort inthe Paul Laustriat’s battery / percussions class that he’ll leave seven years later.Having obtained a high school diploma puts into series L in 2004, he enters the university where he studies successively the art history and the plastic arts. In 2006 he enters the sector of musicology where he meets the pianist composer arranger Guillermo Klein as well as the pianist Magali Souriaux.
At the same time, he joins in 2006 the school Dante Agostini Toulouse
of which he’ll go out awarded a diploma by a first prize with congratulation in 2009. In 2007 he follows the drum class and the jazz class of André Mallau and Serge Lazarevitch to the academy of Perpignan. He’ll obtain in 2009 a first prize of battery summa cum laude unanimously as well as a DEM of sector jazz.
We find him on diverse festivals: festival ” Drumsummit ” to the “Guinness jazz festival” of Cork ( Ireland), ” jazz to Montauban “, to the festival of Nimes Agglo, to the jazz festival musics in color of Millau as well as in the jazz festival of Vannes, jazz in Marciac.
He actually performs with organ Sylvain Del Campo trio, Laurent Coulondre LC3 trio, Kissme Youri, Christophe Lier trio, Cyril Amourette trio, Laurent Larcher ” Occitan trio ” for the second album ” Rising “.
Sideman on the Toulousian and Parisian stage beside Ray Blue, Hervé Rousseau, Nicolas Gardel, Jacques Bernard, Abdu Salim, Manu Codjia, Hakim Bournane, Juan Sebastian Jimenez …In 2006 he recorded with the collective of improvised music ” infinity after-party orchestrated “, in 2010 for the South African rapper Ben Sharpa, in 2011 to Castellon in Spain for the group Niak 4tet.

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